Introduction to Merry May.

Hi beautiful, and welcome to my very first beauty blog post!

I have so many things in mind, that I want to share with you all. From beauty products, industry insights and trends, the business side of things and pretty much, all things makeup! But I thought I’d kick start my blog with a little introduction of myself - so you’re able to get to know and connect with me, on a more personal level.

My makeup journey initially started from my own personal insecurities. I was quite harsh on myself at a young age, constantly comparing and wishing to look like someone other than myself (I wanted to be beyonce, okay). Some of my insecurities were; my beauty spots on my face that I would always try and conceal, either with heavy products, growing a long fringe and making sure to sit where my good side is always shown (I know, how weird). I wasn’t happy with the structure of my nose either (due to my ethnic background), my round face and the list goes on. But of course, we’re all a little unhappy with bits and pieces of our bodies. Although I was never bullied or teased for the way I look, my negative thoughts effected me from ever seeing a healthy view of myself. I always thought “what could I do, to change how I felt about myself”, (other than the extreme option of under-going any form of cosmetic surgery).

That was when I landed across youtube makeup tutorials! I can’t remember exactly which youtuber I was watching, but they were doing a tutorial specifically on “nose contouring”. After watching one tutorial after another, I was so obsessed! I didn’t have a huge collection of makeup products - but I worked with what I already had and slowly added to it. I kept practising and practising and eventually mastering contouring on myself. I started uploading photos of myself and my friends with makeup on. I had friends come around after school to practice on. I even practised on my friends before we had netball (and god bless them) they were running around, catching the ball, with a face full of makeup. But I saw the instant confidence each time I did someone's makeup and that hit me right in the feels! With a bit of foundation to temporarily conceal imperfections, even out skin tone and the end result - turned out to be so empowering. I came to find that I loved meeting new people, instantly being their best friend for the little time I have, to do their makeup. It’s as if we’re all getting ready together, to go hit the town and have a great night! It literally turns into a room full of confidence! That to me, was so fulfilling, that I decided to pursue it seriously.

I was self taught in the beginning, which I highly recommend if you don’t have much money to play with - youtube has a platform full of different mentors. But I felt I wanted something a little bit more formal, so I studied a 9 week Makeup course at Napoleon Perdis. As young and naive as I was about the industry, it seemed that the beauty industry was pretty straight forward. But I was wrong. At the end of the day, I was competing with my classmates! Later I found out that I wasn’t going to be guaranteed a job at Napoleon (just because I studied there), a family friend who I looked up to, that also did makeup, who I thought would help, was no help at all and that a certificate doesn’t mean anything without experience (but how was I going to get experience if no one was willing to give me a chance?)

“What do I do now?” I was frustrated but still determined to have my way. So I thought, “If no one is going to hire me, I’ll just work for myself!” And I did. I knew my first step was needing to create a portfolio of different makeup looks. I collaborated with photography students and models who like me, were just starting out. The collabs and photoshoots, weren’t making me any money (something that they don’t tell you, about this part of the industry), so I was working full time during the week and had a photoshoot planned almost every weekend for probably, 3 months. Once I felt I did enough, I had to learn to say no. I was having so much fun collaborating and I met so many amazing people, but they were time consuming. There were so many shoots I wasted time and effort on too, that were of poor quality (so this stage took me longer than it would most). During this stage though, I was slowly marketing myself as a makeup artist on facebook and instagram - where people came to know me for “makeup”. It was a slow process, but I’ve grown my client base ever since! Not only that, but I’ve grown as an artist, as a person and have come to learn that I’m quite business and digitally savvy! Which has helped me design my own website and now, writing this blog. Which I hope you will constantly come back to read for inspiration, to learn new things and to learn more about me and the industry! Or, to even have me do your makeup!

This blog worked out to be longer than expected, but I’ll stop it here!

I’m so excited to open up my makeup journey with all those who love and enjoy makeup, just like I do!

Stay tuned and stay creative,


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