How to Achieve Flawless Skin - Without Makeup.

I always used to think, that to achieve a flawless makeup look, it was dependant on how heavy the coverage of my foundation was (not necessarily the case). At one stage, I was packing on the cream foundation, a cream concealer, cream foundation again, to buff and blend the concealer out. I didn’t stop there either, I would set everything with a camera finish powder oh and did I mention I sprayed a layer of a canned air brush foundation, to achieve my desired flawless finish? Overly excessive.

These days, my philosophy on how to achieve a flawless finish has developed (thank goodness). So here, I’ll share with you guys, a few things to consider on how to achieve this “flawless look” without needing ANY heavy layers of makeup, as these are the fundamentals to flawless skin that are an absolute must, to consider.

Skin Care:

Is it just me or does it seem a bit cliche now? It is important though. It’s an essential habit to adopt into our daily lives. If you don’t stick to a strict skincare routine, that is appropriate to your skin type, then you’re prone to problematic skin. Thus prone to “packing the foundation on” - which is what we’re avoiding here.

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Antioxidant Rich Diet:

I’m talking fruits and vegetables, and lots of them. The more antioxidants that you fuel your body with, the more balanced your pH levels in your body will be. Which basically means you’re body will be functioning optimally, which means overall beautiful skin, which means you will literally wake up FLAWLESS

Don’t wear makeup everyday: This is pretty self explanatory. It can be quite a big deal at first, if you’re not used to leaving the house without makeup. But after a while, you do get used it, everyone else will get used it too (and will stop asking you if you’re sick lol) Your skin needs to be able to breathe. Unfortunately make up does clog your pores and if you’re wearing makeup 7 days a week, 16 hours a day… That can’t be good, right?


I spent every waking moment I could, working. Working on this and working on that. I prided myself on 4-6 hours sleep at night which was detrimental to my health and especially to my skin. I constantly overworked myself, I was stressed out and was in much need of a good night’s rest. I know personally, that this was a main factor for my problematic skin. At night, our body goes into rest and repair mode. We need a recommended amount of 8 hours sleep to allow our bodies to recuperate. It’s not called “beauty sleep” for nothing!

Favourite Products to help me get a solid night sleep, are essential oils! Few drops rubbed behind my ears, on my pillow case and even through a bliss diffuser.

Be sure to consider the above! There’s no point of constantly applying the most expensive makeup to hide our skin imperfections if we’re not mastering the basics. Once you take care of these 4 pillars to achieve that flawless finish, you’ll rarely need to worry about a skin problem. Most of all, it is important to be patient with your body and your skin! Clear skin doesn't happen overnight. But consistency and discipline and the right products for you - will speed up the process to healthier skin!

Stay creative,