Choosing the right Foundation

“What foundation do you recommend?” As a makeup artist, I get asked this question all the time. I know most people expect me to reply with just a particular brand, but then I’d be doing you injustice. The foundation that I personally love, may not necessarily work out to your liking, or may not suit your skin type. Product reviews can often leave you overwhelmed, out of pocket and even disappointed. So I always recommend the following points to consider, when choosing the right foundation for you.

What type of skin do you have?

When in doubt, always refer back to your skin type. There are foundations that are now formulated to personally cater for specific skin - which is amazing! Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin, you need to consider it’s durability, it’s coverage and the correct tone of your preference. Also, would cream, liquid or powder foundation, work well with your skin? Articulating it this way will also help you to chose what texture foundation will work great for you.

For example, I have oily skin. My preference for foundation is full coverage but won’t clog my pores, has a matte finish and will also double up in preventing my skin from oiling. So I would opt for a cream foundation, if it’s not matte enough to my liking, I can set it with a powder.

What type of foundation finish do you prefer?

If you know your skin is quite versatile, this is another thing you might like to consider. Do you prefer a dewy finish or a matte finish? And how much coverage do you need? For someone who may have freckles, they might want to opt for a foundation that is dewy but with full coverage.

Test patches.

This is highly recommended! When in store, definitely don't be afraid to ask for assistance. Some retail workers can name your foundation colour, just by looking at you. But if you’re still not sure and believe you may be a lot darker or lighter than what they have recommended, ask them to test it on you! Better yet, ask if you can take a small jar home to sample.

Trial and Error.

You’ll go through different brands of foundation throughout the years, this is the only certain way to really find out what brand you’ll come to learn about and love. Then eventually, you’ll come across the right one and you will live happily forever flawless!

Does brand matter?

Nope, not always. You can get drugstore foundations that is affordable without it’s quality compromised, so don’t neglect those brands. Luckily for makeup, it’s forever evolving, competitive and trending so the drugstore brands have caught up with the high end world.

Although it would be easier to just recommend a particular brand, I’m not (sorry). It’s not rocket science to find the right foundation for you, but more so to understand your preferences. Be sure to choose accordingly to you, don’t be afraid to ask for help and to try what’s out there!

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