Vanity Planet's Ultimate Skin Spa System Review

I’ve heard great things about using cleansing brushes on your face, but the only brand I knew that made them, were quite pricey. Although I do believe in investing in quality products, I just didn’t think it was something I immediately needed. That was until I broke out like crazy due to stress and playing around with DIY products. I was desperate to find something that wouldn’t cost me my soul to help me treat my acne! I started noticing Vanity Planet all over Instagram and all their discounted sales, including the “Ultimate Skin Spa System”. Originally $166 AUD down to $30 - It was one of those “Yes! Take my money” moments.

​The product arrived within 3 business days. I even got a text message letting me know that it had been delivered to my door! After opening it, I thought I was able to use it straight away but I don’t think they mention on any of their marketing material, that the batteries aren’t included. I don’t keep a packet of batteries around the house, so I found that annoying. So I had to borrow the batteries in the TV remote.

At first, I thought the batteries were just flat so I tried other batteries from other TV remotes. But the cleansing brush still didn’t turn on. I waited till the next day to go out and buy new batteries and even then, the cleansing brush still didn't work. I emailed their customer service team, letting them know what had happened. They were apologetic and they immediately sent me out not just one system, but two! It would’ve been a logistics error on their behalf, but I’m keeping them! I love the product and am writing this unpaid review for them so everybody wins!

Special Features:

- 3 different brush heads - 1 Daily Gentle Cleanse head, 1 Deep cleansing and 1 for exfoliating

- Brush wand has 2 different settings


- Your skin gets a deep clean every single wash.

- Gentle to use, on even the most painful blemishes.

- Comes in a cute and compact case - perfect for travelling and over night stays

- Reasonable pricing for its quality

- Works well with most, if not all skin care products


- You may want to purchase extra brush heads, as you will need to replace them after a couple of months.

- You will need to leave the brush heads out to dry after every use, you can’t really put them back into the kit to dry - the case doesn’t accommodate that.

- Brushes will tint especially after washing makeup off - I suggest using makeup wipes first to clean off your makeup, if you’re not already doing that.

- Batteries aren’t included

I've been using this system now for 2 months and it's now a major part of my skincare regimen. I would rate this product a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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